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    LevinhoLevinho25 napja
    • bro playing max chand

      G G G GG G G G23 napja
    • I have uploaded a new video please watch it

      GAMING CyNaXGAMING CyNaX23 napja
    • Ok boss

      Barry TalangBarry Talang23 napja
    • Ok

      Barry TalangBarry Talang23 napja
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      Dame w DkharDame w Dkhar24 napja
  • Kd bro

    Alpha TamilzhanAlpha Tamilzhan16 napja
  • What is your kr

    Alpha TamilzhanAlpha Tamilzhan16 napja
  • Please give me royalpass

    Vikas KumarVikas Kumar17 napja
  • In 1v1 no one able to kill levinho

  • بالتوفيق

    Youth OnisaYouth Onisa18 napja
  • Make More Videos On Spending Uc MOre Than Playing Game :)

    Avengers EndgameAvengers Endgame19 napja
  • I dont play pubg but I really like ur play.. I always watch ur gameplay .. Good job bro..

    Gwashalo Seb NagaGwashalo Seb Naga20 napja
  • Top joga demais

    PUBGPUBG20 napja
  • 5:19 my heart wanted to jump out of my chest 😖

    abdo soltanabdo soltan20 napja
  • درد استی لوینهو جان استی خوبش 🥺😺🇦🇫

    Ahmad KhanAhmad Khan20 napja
  • you missed the bugy in Georgopole :P

    Arsalan AamirArsalan Aamir20 napja
  • levinho has had glacier for years now without getting their attachments 💀 sometimes looks like a gun made of ice then a block of coal from nowhere 💀

    PãüLèÿ MùthønîPãüLèÿ Mùthønî21 napja
  • Hiii livonho plesa royal pas sent me

    Mustafa AliMustafa Ali22 napja
  • ❤️🌼👑

    Shadi MustafaShadi Mustafa22 napja
  • 👌❤️🌼👑

    Shadi MustafaShadi Mustafa22 napja
  • Nice from indonesia🇲🇨

    K94K9422 napja
  • Big fan bro...

    Kartick Santanu MurmuKartick Santanu Murmu22 napja
  • Levinho big fan bro I love form india Plz accept my friends ruqst my name Mr Ali plzzzs levinho you dont play but accept 😭😭😭😭

    Ali KhanAli Khan22 napja
  • I got it for 60UC

    aeroxaerox23 napja
  • Next challenge : play map sanhok😃

    fea & aish gamingzfea & aish gamingz23 napja
  • Meckasukafilehoror

    Sugiyono CalistaSugiyono Calista23 napja
  • Meka

    Sugiyono CalistaSugiyono Calista23 napja
  • Meka

    Sugiyono CalistaSugiyono Calista23 napja
  • Lajant

    shilpa makwanashilpa makwana23 napja
  • Broo u should play in sanhok with QPZ skin bro

    Pyae Sone EadgillPyae Sone Eadgill23 napja
  • Bro I am your big fan

    Majid LashariMajid Lashari23 napja
  • You should use female character for your female outfit!!Its better👀

    Te TantTe Tant23 napja
  • Leviño el mejor

    Brandon Cruz tBrandon Cruz t23 napja
  • give me your one dress free😊

    Troll Ka baapTroll Ka baap23 napja
  • Levinho bro plzz give me UC 😫😫😫BCOZ I CAN`T AFFORD😫😫

    Ma NeesMa Nees24 napja
  • Great sar you respect anmy

    Bhojpuri dhamakaBhojpuri dhamaka24 napja
  • please upgrade my pass levinho

    Sangboi ZhouSangboi Zhou24 napja
  • Levinho finally buys a QBZ skin and play in erangel 😂

    KAT MANKAT MAN24 napja
  • Bhai Kuch UC hamko bhi dedo plzz

    Shivam YadavShivam Yadav24 napja
  • He spends money for skins even though he doesnt need them,looks like he made a decision that even though i waste my money,wontmake any giveaways

    Aantlin vargheseAantlin varghese24 napja
  • King of pubg ❤️❤️

    Deep gamingDeep gaming24 napja
  • King of pubg ❤️❤️

    Deep gamingDeep gaming24 napja
  • King of pubg ❤️❤️

    Deep gamingDeep gaming24 napja
  • King of pubg ❤️❤️

    Deep gamingDeep gaming24 napja
  • 😭😭😭😭 I need 1 material to upgrade m416 to level 4

    SALEHSALEH24 napja
  • levinho spent a whole magazine of AKM to kill a enemy. but unfortunatelly, there was no one present there 😂

    NovaNova24 napja
  • I really love the way you start the gameplay with that Beats Up BGM

    TheFaraz ChannelTheFaraz Channel24 napja
  • Pls give me uc 😥😥🙏🙏

    Rajeev PoudelRajeev Poudel24 napja
  • Plis give me uc

    Muhammad zein adenaMuhammad zein adena24 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥❤️

    Rohit DeoRohit Deo24 napja
  • कतई जहर 😁😁😁😘

    Suraj KumarSuraj Kumar24 napja
  • Levino you are show the face

    Abdul ShakoorAbdul Shakoor24 napja
  • Muslim friends good game play see the game 🤫🤫

    Shayan KhanShayan Khan24 napja
  • Very nice vedio levinho love You From Pakistan

    sannan umairsannan umair24 napja
  • Bro itna uc udate ho please mera royal pass kara do sirf 600 uc me please🙏🙏🙏🙏 bro ID;6743767716 NAME:MUNABHAI2'O

    Satyajit DasSatyajit Das24 napja
  • Can you play at sanhok ?

    Violet YennViolet Yenn24 napja
  • 👈👍❤️

    Soahib HaSoahib Ha24 napja
  • 😔😔😔😔😔😔👍👍👍🙏🏻😘

    الدحمي ال درويشالدحمي ال درويش24 napja
  • Lucky crate opening

  • Gr8

    Pourya KarimiyanPourya Karimiyan24 napja
  • Guys, I have a popularity more than 3k who wants and in return for us to get m4

    Sifou MazariSifou Mazari24 napja
  • 7:33 They weren't fans levinho, they wanted to team. I think that because you play like a God :)

    _V3N0M__V3N0M_24 napja
  • Give me rp pls

    Алекса СтошићАлекса Стошић24 napja
  • Hi I've been asleep sorry I can't watch your vid a little more early

    Heaven ॐ BUNNYHeaven ॐ BUNNY24 napja
  • If I could I would give you more than one like bro really good work 😍😍😍

    Maan IbMaan Ib24 napja
  • أنت الافضل Levinho😍😍

    Ali AdnanAli Adnan24 napja
  • Please play Sanhok

    BabaOlala GamingBabaOlala Gaming24 napja
  • Tahalouf = Team-up

    Farid's MusicFarid's Music24 napja
  • i need uc 😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭 just 120 uc

    GHOST是Panda〆GHOST是Panda〆24 napja
  • Levinho Please use a female character

    Ameena AliAmeena Ali24 napja
  • 😢😢😢😢😢

    Хасанбой БободжоновХасанбой Бободжонов24 napja
  • I think levinho ussing elgato

  • I love u levinho❤

    Zoha KhanZoha Khan24 napja
  • My ID TahirDaddy

    Zoha KhanZoha Khan24 napja
  • Levinho plz give me royal pass plz complete my dream

    Zoha KhanZoha Khan24 napja
  • Oh the last guy is a Swedish

    Pro ATLASPro ATLAS24 napja
  • Mmmmmmmmmm

    منصور ابو حميدمنصور ابو حميد24 napja
  • Subscribe my HUworld

    music songmusic song24 napja
  • No he wasn't a fan he just wanted to team up

    Aya MadouiAya Madoui24 napja
  • I need uc to upgrade my M4 glacier

    ilyas aslamilyas aslam24 napja
  • 🤝🥺👍👍👍👍👍👍😍

    Hasanboy AbdurahimovHasanboy Abdurahimov24 napja
  • good jod bro👍🤟

    ratna gurungratna gurung24 napja
  • Huge respect to Levinho for how he treats his fans....love you bruh....

    Fakhar RizviFakhar Rizvi24 napja
  • Why this skin you play not sanhok ?

    Redou Pubg mobileRedou Pubg mobile24 napja
  • Levinho I want to see you and talk with you. I am your BBF..

    Rahul RoyRahul Roy24 napja
  • levinho can i get skin m416 plss big fan from malaysia🥺

    afif aqibafif aqib24 napja
  • Livik play

    Shahjahan AliShahjahan Ali24 napja
  • Yoooo Men good game gooood game!!!))) Ms Levinho - the best player))

    Kama JanybekovKama Janybekov24 napja
  • Levinho 🥰❤💖😍

    wiss salwiss sal24 napja
  • Good game

  • You deserve to win levinho not him he did nothing

    Gold pânnérGold pânnér24 napja
  • sultan

    Ryan WalkerRyan Walker24 napja
  • I also play solo squad very well 😊❤️

    ArtOfMiseryArtOfMisery24 napja
  • 2:00 iphone

    Brawler Memo13Brawler Memo1324 napja
  • 🇮🇶

    عباس الربيعاويعباس الربيعاوي25 napja
  • Love to Levinho

    Farhan juttFarhan jutt25 napja
  • Plz plz plz bro I all most like and comment on your all videos

    Ukasha ZaheerUkasha Zaheer25 napja
  • 5902339125

    Ukasha ZaheerUkasha Zaheer25 napja
  • This is my id Mirzaukasha

    Ukasha ZaheerUkasha Zaheer25 napja
  • Hlo Bro i am your big fan Plz plz plz plz plz Give me a Elite pass

    Ukasha ZaheerUkasha Zaheer25 napja

  • Big fan big love from Pakistan 💌❤️💞🇵🇰

    sastay gamer pubgsastay gamer pubg25 napja
  • حلوو استمر

    علي عليعلي علي25 napja

    Saber GhostSaber Ghost25 napja