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    LevinhoLevinho23 napja
    • 10 million complete 2 week ? 3 4 5 !!!

      GAMESGAMES2 napja
    • Plz show your real face 👀

      Abdur RehmanAbdur Rehman3 napja
    • Muje royal pass dedo palis 🥺🥺

      Mihir AhirMihir Ahir5 napja
    • Yes offcourse

      Mozam YousafMozam Yousaf8 napja
    • F

      PankajPankaj11 napja
  • 7:36 u keep missing your shot" lol

  • Plz ching tha dres

    rashid balochrashid balochNapja
  • Bro you are very nice player you gibersport❤❤

    •H•a•y•k••H•a•y•k•2 napja
  • bro Nice ice will Tips ❤️

    GAMESGAMES2 napja
  • Can you sow your control settings?

    Asror ObidovAsror Obidov2 napja
  • nnحنوشه5739691071

    علاء شاكرعلاء شاكر2 napja
  • I can't believe levinho got killed by that lofo😨

    Anupbroto BaulAnupbroto Baul3 napja
  • Levinho big fan from Pakistan I good muslim my comment mention plz you tube

    Abdur RehmanAbdur Rehman3 napja
  • Your brother always abuse when enemy atack him he always say lel

    Dawood IrfanDawood Irfan4 napja
  • Nice bro , GG

    mohammed alshmranimohammed alshmrani4 napja
  • Bro I wish I could meet u in the lobby I want your dress ..... Can I be your friend I want to get chicken dinner ...... You are my best fav pubg player

    Lovely Mason GamingLovely Mason Gaming4 napja
  • You mean our best place to land

    Daanish BhandariDaanish Bhandari5 napja
  • 😐

    Handsome MickeyHandsome Mickey5 napja
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Bantei LyngdohBantei Lyngdoh5 napja

    Aaffa JaanAaffa Jaan5 napja
  • Bhai mu je royal pass de do meri id 2 ben ho gayi he palis bhai palis🥺🥺🥺😫

    Mihir AhirMihir Ahir5 napja
  • It's the first time I see you get killed and I saw it coming.. great play tho

    Sonke NenzaniSonke Nenzani5 napja
  • Bro i want a gameplay of livik map

    IF AJIF AJ6 napja
  • I have 3M subs...

    Mansooor KhanMansooor Khan7 napja
  • Levinho plzz don't post gameplay without chicken 🐔🐓dinner😁😁 do some hard work for him❤😘

    vicky techvicky tech7 napja
  • This is a school 😂😂😂

    nemos gamingnemos gaming7 napja
  • bad game

    خالد المغربيخالد المغربي7 napja
  • Eeee

    Usmon JonUsmon Jon8 napja
  • Awesome game bro love you

    StephenStephen9 napja
  • 🤦‍♂️

    Love HunterLove Hunter10 napja
  • You better watch out😂😂

    JOseF pLayZJOseF pLayZ11 napja
  • Levinho goes to school neighborhood apartment.😂😂

    RekklesRekkles11 napja
  • Bro big fan and love and I wish that you will reach 10 million in one to two days love you ❤

  • I thought it's gatka

    M NooB #Not reallyM NooB #Not really13 napja
  • 🧠Albert Einstein = 🧠Levinho

    ᴍᴜʜᴀᴍᴍᴀᴅᴀʟɪ ᴋʜᴀʏɪᴛᴏғғᴍᴜʜᴀᴍᴍᴀᴅᴀʟɪ ᴋʜᴀʏɪᴛᴏғғ13 napja
  • Use only Akm

    GoD AhmadYtGoD AhmadYt13 napja
  • Please share your control code please

    Sunita DeviSunita Devi15 napja
  • way yarr i m yasir malik pakistan.😎🤣🤣

    Yasir malikYasir malik17 napja
  • Some one tell me what song uses levinho in starting at every match

    0 O0 O18 napja
  • School apartments is trash at least one person from the squad has to die there 🙄

    Nderitu BrayanNderitu Brayan18 napja
  • please upgrade my pass levinho

    Sangboi ZhouSangboi Zhou18 napja
  • This is new place he lands🙄🙄

    Shubham GiriShubham Giri18 napja
  • Gg levinho

  • Hayeric ov ka? 🇦🇲

    Aram NahapetyanAram Nahapetyan18 napja
  • When see lot of enemy landing on same place : Me : Omegod. i'm die... ruuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Levinho : Sluuurrrrrpppppssss...

    military troopsmilitary troops18 napja
  • Who dont play pubg and see levhino when he play

    Vertex 69Vertex 6918 napja
  • بالتوفيق

    Youth OnisaYouth Onisa18 napja
  • RP giveaway just click on Zara Zara X Cradles Montage Search on youtube- HUworld Arsenic Gaming

    TECHNICAL GuRuJi MiniTECHNICAL GuRuJi Mini18 napja
  • Love from pochinki

    Taxieasy1234 TaxiTaxieasy1234 Taxi18 napja
  • Levinho real Name Ibrahim And Levinho Is A Muslim i proud to levinho bro .. love u

    Taxieasy1234 TaxiTaxieasy1234 Taxi18 napja
  • When Levant land got AKM And Spoidermom scar L

    Taxieasy1234 TaxiTaxieasy1234 Taxi18 napja
  • 5625272040

    Ali JanAli Jan19 napja
  • Present 🙄☝️

    Ali JanAli Jan19 napja
  • you are losing chiken dinner

    muneeb munirmuneeb munir19 napja
  • Lies then why do you go to pochinka

    Fire SensieFire Sensie19 napja
  • Levinho how much you earn from youtube per month? Please reply

    Kanglei YTKanglei YT19 napja
  • 7:35 op😱😱

  • School hai kya hollywood

    sanju khannasanju khanna19 napja
  • Op head shot

    sanju khannasanju khanna19 napja
  • 😐

    Kabi KabiKabi Kabi19 napja
  • I respect Levinho for playing from the phone and not from the iPad

    Асад мАсад м20 napja
  • Ghg

    Abdirahman RPAbdirahman RP20 napja
  • You applied izzo 200 iq trick lev lol 😂😆

    Sobuj AfnanSobuj Afnan20 napja
  • Good game

    Khan Hi levianho this is my first comment love youKhan Hi levianho this is my first comment love you20 napja
  • Dybala you good player

    Murodjon videoMurodjon video20 napja
  • People nowadays don't Hotdrop..So That's why Apartment is now Hotdrop

    BoostedPLAYER1BoostedPLAYER120 napja
  • From india ❤️

    abh ishekabh ishek20 napja
  • Bro why you tell about that apartments is the best place to land I always land here now you tell us now everyone will land with me😂😂😂

    Muhammad YasirMuhammad Yasir20 napja
  • Follow me guys i play just like him.... almost😅

    Muscular GamerMuscular Gamer20 napja
  • Gg💔😞

    لوفي ١لوفي ١20 napja
  • Primoke

    Bishochandra NingthoujamBishochandra Ningthoujam20 napja
  • Sir, I'm big fan of you. My question is you are a best player, but why not playing PMGC global championship.. please Ans me

    ARB Rasel HossainARB Rasel Hossain20 napja
  • *Aparts* 😌

    l 69 Subscribers ll 69 Subscribers l20 napja
  • What a change from school to school apartments 100 meters difference real plot twist really great content

    Karlsons Jēkabsons NeiburgsonsKarlsons Jēkabsons Neiburgsons20 napja
  • Nice m416 gun skin

    Pravesh SainiPravesh Saini20 napja
  • do 20 fps

    Yuri FulgencioYuri Fulgencio20 napja
  • do 20 fps

    Yuri FulgencioYuri Fulgencio20 napja
  • 👈👍❤️

    Soahib HaSoahib Ha20 napja
  • what happened super shaky

    LoW MaiNtEncELoW MaiNtEncE20 napja
  • 1 m 7 kill😘💪💪

    TwilightTwilight20 napja
  • levhino surprising enemies

    Tsion GetuTsion Getu20 napja
  • Mansion

    Luv Slicee_667Luv Slicee_66720 napja
  • Nobody, levinho after seeing an enemy.... Let me make some space in my backpack 😎😎😎😎😎 for the items from his death crate 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Dev RathoreDev Rathore21 napja
  • Levito

    Galaxy Tube جلاكسي تيوبGalaxy Tube جلاكسي تيوب21 napja
  • So that's the new place? Right....

    Jeff MunroeJeff Munroe21 napja
  • Bro Lev why you land faster than anyone else I wonder ❤️

    RizatmiRizatmi21 napja
  • Please stop going to apratment i want normal game but 3 squads allways lands here

    MulehMuleh21 napja
  • First time i saw levinho died in the game😅

    Pradeep kumar MudavathPradeep kumar Mudavath21 napja
  • You land anywhere you alaways pro

    Papiya GayenPapiya Gayen21 napja
  • Is

    ummy mirdaasummy mirdaas21 napja
  • 😍

    Dream Hacker GamingDream Hacker Gaming21 napja
  • I know it before starting the video its Rozok.

    Muhammad UsmanMuhammad Usman21 napja
  • Love from pakistan pls reply ❤️

  • Nobody Everyone : (rushes to the comment box

    BoomerBoomer21 napja
  • I HAVEN'T PLAY PUBG SINCE IT WAS BANNED IN INDIA..... missing my girlfriend Sarah... In pubgm

  • when you started going to georgopol we all started jumping georgopol.when you started jumping appartment we also startted. now school is best hotdrop

  • I get dizzy when I watch levinho gameplay

    MuomuonMuomuon21 napja
  • Challange play a match without using any skin

    Abhijeet LuwangAbhijeet Luwang21 napja
  • Give your sensitivity setting in video bro

    Techni HemanthTechni Hemanth21 napja
  • Nice

  • Bhai aap mere very very cute 😁 pro player hai you are my favourite player thank you bhaiya mai bhi aapke jaise bànna chahata hoo. Thank you bhaiya

    Kshitiz SinghKshitiz Singh21 napja
  • Tell his mom that he is bunking school for his GF

    Ansar SudozaiAnsar Sudozai21 napja
  • Nice pro lavinho pubg god 👇👇👇👇Like please

    Nisungi NisungiNisungi Nisungi21 napja
  • If we land on apartment we didnt get guns but you guys will get it how